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Precisely Placed Abdominal Puncture

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  1. Jul 02,  · The puncture site will be cleaned and shaved, if necessary. You then receive a local numbing medicine. The tap needle is inserted 1 to 2 inches ( to 5 cm) into the abdomen. Sometimes, a small cut is made to help insert the needle.
  2. 1. As soon as the needle is removed, a sterile dressing and a pressure bandage is applied at the puncture site to prevent leakage of fluid. 2. The abdominal bandage is tightened to maintain intra-abdominal pressure. 3. Check the client’s general condition after the procedure.
  3. [ par″ah-sen-te´sis] surgical puncture of a cavity for the aspiration of fluid. adj., adj paracentet´ic. abdominal paracentesis insertion of a trocar through a small incision and into the peritoneal cavity to remove ascitic fluids or inject a therapeutic agent.
  4. How would you precisely locate a radiopaque foreign body to the stomach? What is paracentesis? abdominocentesis/abdominal puncture? Surgical puncture of a cavity for aspiration of fluid; puncture of abdomen. What abnormal termination of a ureter is some place besides the urinary bladder? Ectopic ureter.
  5. The epidural space in the adult lumbar spine is only mm thick, which means it is comparatively easy to traverse it and accidentally puncture the dura (and arachnoid) with the needle. This may cause cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to leak out into the epidural space, which may in turn cause a post dural puncture headache (PDPH).
  6. A laparotomy means an incision is made into the abdominal cavity, so the approach is Open (0). The correct code is 0DQ60ZZ. A year-old female patient underwent a dilation and curettage due to excessive vaginal bleeding. A bivalve speculum was placed into the vagina and the cervix was prepped with Betadine solution.
  7. artery. Through this puncture, a floppy wire, such as a Bentson wire (Cook Medical, Bloomington, Ind), and a 7F sheath are placed. An angled catheter is used to navi-gate the iliac arteries, and a pigtail catheter is placed above the renal arteries. A cine angiogram may be obtained if information concerning the aortic neck and iliac arteries.
  8. Paracentesis is also called abdominal tap, is a medical procedure in which a needle or catheter is inserted into the peritoneal cavity (the area between the belly wall and the spine) to obtain ascitic fluid for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes 1). Paracentesis procedure may be done in a health care provider’s office, treatment room, or hospital.

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